We offer the following Services:

  • In port vessels' clearance.
  • Cargo operations (containers, bulk, special cargo).
  • Transit vessel clearance at anchorage area.
  • Anchorage area cargo operations.
  • Special project operations.
  • Ship supplies: 
    1) Provisions
    2) Bonded stores
    3) Drinking water
  • Bunkering (IFO, GO, MDA, LUB-OIL).
  • Repairs (Hull, Engine, Deck, Dry-docking).
  • Under-water inspections.
  • Garbage and waste disposal services.
  • Crew-change (sign on, sign off, tickets).
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Medical inspections and attendance.
  • Taxi service.
  • Motor launch-boats.
  • Captain and crew services and requests (cash, telecom, mail).
  • If there are any further services which are not stated above that you require we are sure we can fascilitate those needs.

About Us

Adamis Shipping Agency S.A. was established in 1987 as an independent shipping agent specializing in container liner services. Today the headquarters are located in Perama, Greece - opposite the Piraeus Container Terminal.


Our Address

386 Marias Kiouri Street (2nd floor).
Perama 188 63, Greece
Tel: (+30) 210 4284180 - 3
Fax: (+30) 210 4284186
VAT No: EL 095 399 470
Company No: 61982/02/B/06/129
Email: info@adamis.com.gr

Adamis - Bringing the shipping community together in Greece for over 30 years

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